Dateline: Atlantis by Lynn Voedisch

By Lynn Voedisch

DATELINE: ATLANTIS is a modern fable that includes a feminine Indiana Jones who dives underwater and by accident reveals what simply could be the misplaced global of Atlantis. After she and her photographer record incredible pyramids below the Caribbean sea, they go back to their newspaper within the l. a. region, purely to have all their facts stolen. the ocean rolls again and reclaims the ruins, and their photographer is abducted. an individual doesn’t wish the undersea global found.

The uncomplicated information task turns into extra complex with every one flip and takes the Amaryllis Lang (pen identify: Amy Quigley) on a whirlwind research to Chicago, Florida, Mexico, and the Bahamas.

All alongside, Amaryllis offers with a cold-case homicide, a red-hot editor longing for a Pulitzer, males who hope her love, lethal traps, and an opportunity to re-write history.

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