Biotechnology in Cartoons by Reinhard Renneberg,Viola Berkling,Ming-fai Chow

By Reinhard Renneberg,Viola Berkling,Ming-fai Chow

The booklet introduces to the fundamentals of biotechnology and we could old and young caricature enthusiasts take pleasure in technology in a calm and entire means. including Professor Nanoroo, the story's likeable protagonist, the reader discovers on how biotechnology affects our lifestyle. the true technological know-how in the back of the humorous cartoons is defined in brief in separate boxes.The Story:A capturing megastar falls to Earth within the country Macronesia.When King Richard VIII. examines the stardust lower than an excellent microscope, he discovers a small nanoscopic clever being in a micro-spacecraft ... Professor Nanoroo got here down from planet Nano to Earth to appreciate human biotechnology. Curious, he communicates with „Earthlings“, all asking 1000s of questions pertaining to their life.Nanoroo encounters bread baking and beer brewing yeasts; ailment makers and health and wellbeing- stabilizing micro organism; fungi generating medicinal drugs opposed to micro organism. He studies many adventures, rescues the king's brother from a center assault, measures King Richard’s glucose point and the health of his racehorses, watches crops with their insect repellents and eats the recognized and vitamin-rich „Golden Rice“.The authors:
Reinhard Renneberg has been operating as Professor of Analytical Biotechnology on the Hong Kong collage of technological know-how and expertise (, the head college of Asia, because 1995. he's the writer of numerous textbooks, together with A spoonful of Biotech and Katzenklon, Katzenklon. in addition to Viola Berkling, grasp of Oriental Languages, he has released already in its fourth variation the super winning across the world famous textbook Biotechnology for newbies. it truly is translated into English, Spanish, chinese language, Japanse and Korean. The duo stands for uplifting artistic in addition to leading edge wisdom move of exact, impressive illustrated and non-boring texts from the realm of biotechnology.Ming-fai Chow, the Hong Kong cartoonist has created the gorgeous and perfect cartoons for this book.

Story: Reinhard Renneberg, Viola Berkling, Ming Fai Chow (cartoons)
Graphic structure and representation on educational pages: Dascha Süßbier
Cartoon coloring: Steffi Kaiser